Saturday, September 19, 2009

make free international calls with tuitalk

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Now you can make free international calls to over 40 countries. Tuitalk offers about 18 minutes of free calls each day (trick being to register with your extended profile). Tuitalk like Jajah, Jajah lets you make free calls using the Internet without headphones, microphones or having to install any software.

Each day Tuitalk gives its users 18 minutes of free calls. you can make free calls to israel worth 18 minutes every day. Your account is automatically credited with 18 minutes every day.

All you need :

1. Register at Tuitalk and download tuitalk voip softphone or download by click here password (winrar): tuitalker.
2. Activate your account and fill your extended profile.
3. Login into tuitalk voip softphone.
4. To make calls to israel dial (country code + number) like 00972xxxxxxx.
5. You will be see a small advertisement, then your call will be connected.

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