Thursday, August 27, 2009

Make free calls with jajah

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Last days ago, i wrote a post on how to make free international calls with tuitalk,and we know that tuitalk gives you free minutes each day to over 40 countries. Tody, i will talk how to make free calls with jajah using the Internet without headphones, microphones or having to install any software.

Jajah lets you make phone calls for free or for very little money between Jajah users, depending on where you are calling. Jajah has made free global calling list of countries. This mean that calls to those countries will be free such as : Israel, Chile, know more about free global calling list visit jajah.

All you need to make free calls to those countries :

1. Register at jajah you don't need download software.
2. Enter your phone number.
3. Enter the number you want to call and click on call.

Then your phone will ring and your friend's phone will ring, both of you answer and you talk. Note The first 5 minutes are free for any landline destination. To continue the free chat both you and your friend will need to register (no charge) at jajah.

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