Friday, August 28, 2009

Quick Online Virus Scanner From BitDefender

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BitDefender is a free and quickly online virus scanner which can quickly check files , folders on your computer and tells you if there are any viruses, trojans, worms...etc. BitDefender can check your email or login into one of your web accounts from some public computer.

All you need to check your computer from viruses and trojans you just need to be online and using Internet Explorer and install ActiveX control on your browser.

Key features:

1. BitDefender is Online spyware and virus scan.
2. BitDefender can detect new and unknown viruses and to automatically clean infected files.
3. BitDefender can detect and remove all viruses and spyware.
4. BitDefender don't need download and registration.
5. BitDefender support Internet Explorer and firefox.
7.BitDefender always up-to-date. The virus signatures are updated automatically each time the product is launched.

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